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General Rules

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    on Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:22 pm
    ★ Posting messages which contain under 5 letters is considered spam and will not be tolerated.
    ★ Posting messages which have nothing to do with the topic is considered spam and will not be tolerated.
    ★ Double posting is not allowed. Bumping your own topic after 24 hours have passed is an exception to this rule.
    ★ Posting messages in capital letters is also considered spam. (Up to staff discretion)
    ★ Forumrate has the right to add and revise all rules at any time. By being on this forum you agree to those terms.
    ★ Follow staff instructions, unless deemed unreasonable then contact an administrator.
    ★ We are not responsible for any offense committed outside the forum.
    ★ However, if they concern the well being of Forum Rate we may take action.
    ★ The promotion of other sites is prohibited except by requesting a partnership by sending a pm to an administrator.
    ★ Our forum's design is protected content and was created by Themetree.
    ★ Our forum's skin was adapted by Red™
    ★ Our forum's icons and images are protected content and were created by @Legionheart
    ★ Our forum's founder and creator is @Legionheart
    ★ Creating a user account that imitates an administrator or staff member's username is prohibited.
    ★ Posting illegal or sexual content that violates Forumotion's Terms of Service or our own is not allowed.
    ★ Harassing other members and staff will not be tolerated.

    Note: All Permabans are absolute.


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